2000 point NORSE-based list for Warriors of Chaos - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 point NORSE-based list for Warriors of Chaos

    It's a new year and time for a new Fantasy army. I have always loved Norse mythology, and doing an army based on Viking warriors sounds like it will be all sorts of fun. The list is still very much in the "concept" phase, but this is what I have come up with so far.

    Each unit will have some sort of "Norse equivalent" and be converted to look like what they are supposed to represent.
    Marauders are Berzerkers.
    Chaos Warriors are a shield wall of Hersirs.
    The warshrine will be a cart of pilfered goods (and maybe women).
    Chaos trolls can be...well trolls. However, they are not currently in the list due to Stupidity.
    Dragon Ogres are Ulfwereners.
    Lastly Valkia will be a Valkyrie.

    Valkia - 410

    Chaos Warriors x 18 - 318
    Shields, Full Command

    Marauders x 20 - 150
    Great Weapons, Full Command Mark of Khorne

    Marauders x 20 - 150
    Great Weapons, Full Command Mark of Khorne

    Marauder Horsemen x 5 - 91
    Spears, Shields, Throwing Axes, Musician

    Marauder Horsemen x 5 - 91
    Spears, Shields, Throwing Axes, Musician

    Warhounds x 5 - 30

    Warhounds x 5 - 30

    Warhounds x 5 - 30

    Dragon Ogres x 4 - 308
    Extra Weapon

    Chaos Knights x 5 - 250
    Full Command

    Chaos Warshrine - 150
    Mark of Tzeentch

    There is a lot of stuff in the list for a Chaos army, I hope, due to only having one character. I am not sure how well Valkia performs, but hopefully she will support the army well. Adding some kills where they are needed, and acting as a BSB. I can see the warshrine /w reroll being helpfull. My only real fear is my lack of anti-magic, with how powerful it is becoming these days. I imagine the speed of the army will mean I can be on my opponent by turn 3 at the latest, or out of their range/sight of the wizards.

    Any composition advice would be helpful as long as it maintains the integrity of the theme. Tips or tricks on how to use certain units in conjunction with one another are also helpful, and any suggestions on other Norse equivalents (both mythological and factual) are welcome.

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    1) Good luck dealing with Magic. Some Dispel Scolls would be nice, I suggest getting at least two if you're not bringing heavy magic to the table.

    2) Once the Dragon Ogres and Knights are gone, the rest of the army will go bye-bye, unless you're facing an army with 0 ranged attack and 0 magic.

    3) Warshrine with 3+ WSv sounds nice, but Mark of Slaanesh is cheaper and more effective in making sure it stays where it stands.

    4) 20 Marauders a unit is too little, imo. They'd be shot to ribbons in no time, or become combat-obsolete when they do enter combat. At least 25 is my preference.

    5) Also, the bulk of your army is foot-slogging/moving only 4" across the board while the rest move faster. Not a good idea to leave 1/2 of your army behind.

    6) I don't know about Valkia, but I wouldn't want to have her fly and charge alone. But I've never used her though...

    Good luck.
    Currently building my poor-hammer WoC army.

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