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    All Comers Footsloggers WoC [2250]

    Well it's been quite some time since I did not post my army list. I have been using about the same list for quite some time now. I actually got tired of the all cavalry / heavy magic setup. This list is pretty simple to use I usually field my main 3 infantry blocks in the center with the rest on the flanks. It's a great list to play with or against and it is also strong enough for any tournament (but I don't expect to finish first).

    Exalted Hero, MoT, Steed, Shield, Axe of Khorne; 186
    Exalted Hero, BSB, MoS, Steed of Slaanesh, Shield, Flail, Armour of Morrslieb, Necrotic Phylactery; 219
    Chaos Sorcerer, MoT, Disc, Enchanted Shield, Golden Eye, Bloodcurdling Roar; 185
    Chaos Sorcerer, Steed, 2x Dispel Scrolls; 151

    The disc sorcerer, is my main warmachine hunter but he can also deal with heavy cavalry with Roar. My other sorcerer usually act as a champion for the marauder block. My general is usually there to kill other hero in challenge with is axe. The BSB is built to act on his own like a disc hero (but he hides in unit until the last minute to attack warmachines or chariot).

    15 Chaos Warriors, MoS, Full Command, War Banner, Shield; 305
    15 Chaos Warriors, MoS, Full Command, Rapturous Standard, Shield, Great Weapons; 330
    24 Marauders, MoS, Full Command, LA & Shield; 174

    5 Chaos Warhounds
    5 Chaos Warhounds
    5 Marauder Horsemen, Musician, LA, Flail; 86

    5 Chaos Knights, MoT, Musician, Blasted Banner; 290

    I use my knights as flanking unit. For some strange reasons, my opponent always shoots them... My horsemen could benefit from throwing axe instead, but I am not convince yet. [If] They hit a lot harder this way.

    Chaos Spawn


    Pool dice: 4
    Dispel dice: 4 + 2 DS
    Wounds: 90

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