Hey guys, I posted here a while ago. And decided on a list, but when I went to my local GW store and had a chat with the ppl that worked there, I descided to go for a new list.
So here my my go at it.
Note: I dont like marauders, hence I dont use them, this is not a tourney list, and will be played in a friendly setting.

Festus the leachlord - 185pts
Now here is the "new" guy. I discovered that he was actully only a hero, and therefore could be used in a 1000pts list.
Now how does the reg work? If I put this guy with my Warriors, do they have a chance to regen wounds even if they only have one?


Chaos Warriors of Nurgle x14 - 309pts

Marauder Horsemen x5 - 75pts

Chaos Warhounds x5 - 30pts

Chaos Warhounds x5 - 30pts


Chaos knights of Nurgle - 260pts

Total 874Pts

Ok, so I removed my other hero to get some more troops on the field, since without marauders I will get outnumbered VS basicly anything.
If the regeneration works on the warriors, that would be NICE!
How am I magic wise? Festus is a lvl 2sorc. But no scrolls right?

How do you guys think I should spend my remaining points?

Thanks for you help!
May you all rot sooner rather then later //Nurgle fan