Trying something a little different:

Hero: Exalted Hero, BSB, MoS, Chaos Runesword, Steed of Slaanesh, Shield - 215

Hero: Sorcerer, Scroll x 2, Chariot - 235

Hero: Sorcerer, Scroll x 2, Chariot - 235

Core: 11 x Warriors, MoS, Shield, Standard, Rapturous Standard - 218
Core: 11 x Warriors, MoK, Shield, Great Weapons, Standard, Warbanner - 265
Core: 10 x Marauders, Flails, MoS - 60
Core: 10 x Marauders, Flails, MoS - 60
Core: 5 x Warhounds - xx

Special: 5 x Knights, MoN, Standard, Banner of Rage - 285

Rare: Giant, MoS - 265
Rare: 2 x Spawn, MoS - 130

Total: 1998

I'm aiming for a hard hitting core thats tough to kill, supported by all manner of nastyness...

The BSB with the Chaos Runesword is comparable to a chaos lord, minus one wound... only problem is that means that one of the sorcerers has to be the general... I had him used against me recently, though he was on a Barded Steed instead. My chaos lord on a dragon charged him, and fluffed his attacks, the BSB caused 2 wounds on my dragon and I broke, and was almost run down! terrifying... The Reason I put him on a Boobsnake instead of a steed is that he makes a unit of 11 warriors have two full ranks with him in it, and he can zip out to charge targets of opportunity, if desired...