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    2000pt magic heavy list

    This list is to be an alternative to using my all mounted bret list and also to combat a magic heavy vampire list.

    Lords and heroes

    Vilitch ( goes in unit of chosen)
    festus ( again in unit of chosen)

    sorceror level2 mark of tzeentch
    disk, blood curdling roar, bronze armour of zhrakk, filth mace

    exalted hero with mark of khorne on deamonic steed
    also with runesword and shield

    10 marauders w/great weapons light armour and mark of slanesh
    10 marauders w/great weapons light armour and mark of slanesh
    5 marauder horsemen w/ shields spears and mark of slanesh

    18 chosen of tzeentch with shields standard and champion
    also has banner of rage sword of might and favour of the gods

    5 knights with musician and champion as well as mark of khorne

    any advice?


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    My problem with this list is that you have around 1000 pts sitting in 1 unit. if this wasnt bad enough you then gave them frenzy. people will bait this point sink unit with flyers/fast cav, expose a flank and proceed to charge said flank. Before you know it the majority of your army has been run down and destroyed. realistically if you want to play vilitch and festus you need to get them seperate entourages and have some more flanking units. This army has too many points in lords/heros that are just too vunerable.

    MoK looks good on the surface, and is extremely useful, but i feel that you have perhaps over used it. with too much frenzy a good opponent will pull all your units out of position and take you apart one unit at a time. If your really want to keep the two characters in the one block, which i wouldnt advise, then it needs a rapturous standard much more than frenzy.

    so in summary. drop the khorne hero, drop the BoR, more warriors, more knights. and since your a static army maybe a hellcannon if you find the points.

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