Heroes: 375
Lord, MoK, Juggernaut, Runesword, Runeshield 375
Wulfrik: 185 / Sorcerer w/ Lvl 2 Tzeench Disc Dispell Scroll 185
Champion BSB w/ Axe and Shield MoN: 205
21 Chaos Warriors w/ Shields FCM MoN Halberds 417
28 Marauders w/ Flails MoS FCM 125

5x Hounds 30
5x Hounds 30

14x Chosen w/ Shields MoN 296

Hellcannon 205
Cannon DoW 85

I play against dwarfs a lot, so Wulfrik is taken when against them or other shooting heavy armies. Otherwise, the sorcerer is deployed.

The idea is the Warriors deploy in one big block 7x3, with the Hounds in front of them to screen shooting attacks. The Marauders, will depending on the opponent, either be broken into two small blocks and put on the side of the warriors, or be deployed with Wulfrik and come in from the back to wreak as much havoc as possible. The sorcerer will be used when I'm not against Dwarfs. The Juggernaut will be on one of the flanks, and the sorcerer might be on the other. The war machines will deploy on either flank, and shoot at whatever looks fun. BSB goes in the Chosen unit, which will be on the flank of the Warriors.

All constructive criticism will be welcomed as is the norm.