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    1k fast nurgle-khorne list ( friendly games )

    I've had the chaos warriors book for quite a while and wanted to try out making a list. It's a friendly games list so not magic heavy, and included a spawn because I like them. Ogres are a fun modelling challenge as well, and pretty fast.

    Exalted hero
    • Flail
    • Mark of Khorne
    • Juggernaut of Khorne
    • Armour of Morrslieb
    • Favour of the Gods
    • Shield
    224 pts

    Chaos Sorcerer

    xx pts

    5 Marauder horsemen
    • Flails
    75 pts

    5 Marauder horsemen
    • Flails
    75 pts

    3 Ogres
    • Chaos Armour
    • Great Weapons
    • Mark of Nurgle
    180 pts

    5 Chaos Knights
    • Mark of Nurgle
    • Standard Bearer
    • Banner of Rage
    285 pts

    Chaos Spawn
    • Mark of Khorne
    75 pts

    999 pts
    21 models.

    I am a dwarf player, so I wanted to try out building a fast hardhitting list with lots of high strenght attacks, the things dwarfs lack. I don't want a rainbow army, so Nurgle and Khorne only, which I find to be usefull marks for this army and the units in it.
    - The exalted hero has Khorne so he can get a juggernaut and a supersave. A daemonic mount just doesn't do it, because I'd need a(n enchanted) shield to get a good save, and couldn't take a flail ( chariot killer of doom ). The jugger also provides me with some magic resistance so I can go about my carnage-causing bussines.
    - Sorcerer is just a minor long range aid, firing off a few magic missiles each game and adding that extra dispell dice.
    - Marauder horsemen fill up the core choices. I would've given them a mark of Khorne ( 10 str 5 attacks on the charge, woohoo! ) but ran out of points, and the frenzy would make them uncontrollable.
    - I liked to include Orges, and with chaos armour they can wield great weapons comfortably ( heavy armour, yuck ). With M6 they are faster than other infantry and have a good chance of getting the charge. Ogres have bullseyes painted on their guts however, so Mark of Nurgle will protect them from ranged attacks and close up against WS4.
    - Chaos knights. I just went for the ulti combo of rampage doom. Nurgle mark to protect them from missiles, make it easier to hit WS5, and protect them from WS6 heroes. Banner of rage throws out an absurd amount of attacks.
    - Chaos Spawn. Funny, random, and not very expensive. this guy is good to hold up blocks of infantry with measily str 3 or kill smaller units. Str4 is a little low and because he has a random number of attacks I want to make sure most of them wound, so there goes Mark of Khorne. It is also in there for the theme of the army. 2 Nurgle units, 2 Khorne units. For all we know this spawn was the last hero to lead this warband. I intend to use the spawned chaos helmet with mark of Khorne that is in the spawn kit --> lowerleft http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_...01_spawnLb.jpg

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