I am making this army to be competitive, but also to utilize infantry heavily. I am only at 2215 so I need help finishing the list, or adjusting point expenditure to make it more competitive. Thanks.

Warriors of Chaos- Foot Slogging Competitive- 2250

Lords- 375

Lord- Lvl4, Book of Secrets, Golden Eye of Tzeentch, Enchanted Shield, Mark of Tzeentch, Disc

Heroes- 330

Chaos Sorcerer- Lvl2, MoT

Exalted Hero- BSB, Daemonic Mount, shield

Core- 662

12 Chaos Warriors- MoS, Shields, Halberds, FC

12 Chaos Warriors- MoS, Shields, Halberds, FC

24 Marauders- Shields, LA, FC, MoS

Specials- 640

12 Chaos Chosen- MoN- Shields, Halberds, FC

5x Chaos Knights- MoT, Musician, Std, Blasted Standard


1 Hellcannon

2215 pts, 8PD, 4DD,