Hey guys, whatcha think of this list? It fits into ETC restrictions, which basically means it will receive decentish comp around my area (Australia)

Can swap MoNurgle on the lord for tzeentch, however I really do like nurgle... I find it has a lot more use then tzeentch does, which is effectivley a 3 spell lore.

PS Iv got 23 extra points... not sure what to put them into.

sorcerer lord 394
mark of nurgle, enchanted shield, spell familiar, dispel scroll, dispel scroll, barded steed, level 4

Sorcerer of tzeentch 206
level 2, Infernal puppet, talisman of protection, barded steed, mark of tzeentch

exalted hero 210
BSB, mark of tzeentch,collar of khorne, bronze armour, flail, barded steed

5 marauder horsemen 85
Flail, mark of slaanesh

20 marauders 142
light armour, shield, champ, muso, mark of slaanesh

5 marauder horsemen 85
throwing axes, mark of slaanesh

5 chaos hounds 30

5 chaos hounds 30

6 knights of chaos 305
mark of slaanesh, standard, war banner

5 knights of chaos 275
mark of slaanesh, standard, banner of wrath

Chariot 130
mark of slaanesh

chariot 130
mark of slaanesh

hellcannon 205