Hey guys!

It's been a while since I was here last. Great to see it still thriving!

I'm in need of a little help. I've not played Warhammer for a few months and will begin playing again soon. I've only played around 8 games (still noob) and not won many. Not sure why! I play mainly with friends, so our army lists are flexible (i.e. able to "pretend" some units are others, when they're not).

Anyway! I'm going to be going up against a Vampire Count army soon (and also Dwarves). I'd like some pointers/feedback on my current army list to go up against them. I'm still trying to make the most out of the Warriors of Chaos box I bought (£50 starter pack) along with some Chosen I've bought since.

Below are the army lists I've conjured. I apologise if it's hard to read/wrong format, I've just pulled it straight out of Notepad.

vs. Vampire Counts (Strengths = Fear/Terror & Magic, Weaknesses = Crumble if overwhelmed)

20x Chaos Marauders
= 96

10x Chaos Warrior
Ad. Handweps
Rapturous Standard *banner*
= 210

9x Chaos Chosen
Ad. Handweps
Festering Shroud *banner*
= 256

^ 1x Chaos Sorceror (goes in above unit)
Level 2
Power Familiar *magic item*
Enchanted Shield *magic item*
= 160

5x Chaos Knights
Banner of Rage *banner*
= 285

Points: 1007

vs. Dwarves (Strengths = Ranged, Magic dispels, Tough, Weaknesses = Slow moving/fleeing)

10x Chaos Warhounds
Scaly Skin
= 70

10x Marauders
= 40

10x Marauders
= 40

15x Chaos Warriors
Blasted Standard *banner*
= 310

14x Chaos Chosen
War Banner *magic item*
= 371

^ 1x Exalted Her (goes in above unit)
Ad. Handweps
Aethersword *magic item*
Acid Ichor
= 174

Points: 1005

Any feedback would be great. Please keep in mind though that all I have is what is shown above (I don't have things like Marauder Horsemen to rush Dwarves etc). Just the starter £50 pack and a few Chosen (15 of them) and 5 extra Chaos Knights.