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    3000 point balanced Army

    Here is the list i'm working towards, only need the tzeentch and slaneesh warriors to finish it up.

    Khorne Lord 385
    MoK, Shield, Juggy, Axe of Khorne, Crimson Armour, Favour of the Gods, Necrotic Phylactory

    Sorceror Lord 435
    Lv4, MoT, Disc, Biting Blade, Bronze Armour,Blood of Tzeentch, Golden eye of Tzeentch, Conjoined Homonulus

    Chaos Sorceror 155
    MoN, 2 Dispell Scrolls

    12 Chaos warriors 252
    MoK, Shields, F/C

    12 Chaos Warriors 252
    MoN, Add. HW, F/C

    12 Chaos Warriors 242
    MoT, Add. HW, F/C

    12 Chaos Warriors 232
    MoS, Shields, F/C

    20 Marauders 170
    MoN, Shields, Light Armour, F/C

    5 Knights 285
    MoN, Lances, Musician, SB

    5 Knights 290
    MoT, Musician, SB(Blasted Standard)

    Dragon Ogre Shaggoth 295
    Great Weapon, Add Hand Weapon

    TOTAL 2993

    Feel free to pick away at it and make suggestions, I'm open to all comments and criticism.
    What I've tried to make is an army that will be as tough as nails and hard to get rid of. In some trial runs it's been mixed results but mostly I come away with the win. Haven't tried it against my mates magic heavy VC but I'm looking forward to giving him a crack

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    You only need 4 core choices bro, put sum of dem points elsewhere, that block of marauders could be a slaanesh chariot or that block of warriors could be another character.... You could also cheapen up your army by adding 2 spawns in place of your shaggoth, that would allow you to squeeze in some more characters, remember, u can have up to 5 characters in a 3k battle. Since it's a casual, i won't suggest any named characters, but a bsb would serve you some good, it'll keep your infantry from breaking as much, and believe me, rerolling a break test against a vc player that has all that static combat resolution is a good thing. Your rank and file may not take a whole lot of wounds, but when combat resolves, your opponent will be going, "i have three ranks, a banner, and i outnumber you, oh look you're outnumbered by a fear causing unit so u need to roll snake eyes to not break." I've run into this far too many times, and have had a block of warriors get broken in an instant.... Just cuz you got that hue armour save doesn't necessarily mean you won't break from combat. Long story short, if you're gonna play VC, be prepared to stack up as much combat resolution as you can, hopefully you can score more wounds than he can combat rez. Best of luck to ya!

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