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    2000 Pt magic heavy list non-cheesy

    first of all, we have a house rule that one may go 10 points over the limit - therefore this list becomes legal at 2006 points. i have one problem though - i have one core choice too little, would anyone suggest what i should change (and dont make the options to costy irl, since i am not rich atm)

    I will be playing agianst my friends who will run a high elf prince and cavalry, skaven and beastmen

    there is something which i wont change, and that is the 12 warriors, 20 marauders and 5 knights, since they are from the battalion box.

    btw i do not like nurgle marked units unless they are sorcs.

    my sorc lord will be my general. The point with this army is bringing the enemies leadership down - and when facing armies with immune to psychology, just pick "machinegun" spells for the sorcs.

    If you would like to give the army an exalted hero, i have considered this configuration, you can suggest changes at will: exalted hero, mos, filth mace, bronze armor of zhakk, steed of slaneesh/monstrous mount, soporific musk

    (g) Sorc Lord: LVL 4, power familiar, golden eye of tzeentch, rod of torment, conjoined, barded steed (lore of death)
    Sorc: lvl 2, Mon, 2 x dispel scroll, barded steed
    Sorc: lvl 2, MoS, infernal puppet, enchanted shield, barded steed
    Exalted hero: BSB doom totem, halberd, shield, fury of the blood god (goes with chosen)
    10 Chaos Warhounds: poisoned attacks
    20 chaos marauders: mos, light armor, shields
    12 Chaos warriors: Great weapons, MOS, shield
    5 Chaos knights: MoT, sb: banner of rage
    6 chosen: MoT, halberd + shield, champion: favour of the gods, SB: Blasted Banner
    2 Spawn: MoS

    This reached 2006 points

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