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    1500pt Combat Oriented

    After playing a 1500pt list with a magic focus I realised that its never going to have the kind of effect that it does in the larger scale games where having a lord level caster really makes a difference.

    To that end, I've changed my 1500pt list ot the below, essentially, the MoK hero will join the MoK knights (giving them MR(1) in the process) and the other hero will join the other knights (giving them MR(2) in the process) along with the 2 scrolls and 3 pool dispel dice this should give me enough magic defence to weather anything that could be thrown at them in the turn or two it takes to get them where it really matters - breaking faces

    The marauder unit fills the core slot, provides ablative wounds for the sorc and sits in a corner holding a table edge

    Exalted Hero:
    MoK, Jugger, Shield, Runesword 230pts Pumps out 6 WS6 S6 plus 3 WS5 S5 attacks a round

    Exalted Hero: BSB, MoS, Steed, Shield, Flail, Collar of Khorne, Favor of the Gods 195pts

    Sorceror: 2 Scrolls 135pts

    5 Marauder Horsemen:
    MoK, Flails 105pts

    10 Marauders: Musician 44pts

    5 Warhounds xxpts

    5 Warhounds xxpts

    5 Knights:
    MoK, Std 250pts

    5 Knights: MoN, Std 250pts

    3 Dragon Ogres: Great Weapons 231pts

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