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    First Attempt at 2000pt Magic-Free

    "Friendly" list, with HE, DE, Dwarves, and VC as my usual opponents. No special characters, and the worst things that I usually have to deal with are either a single dragon (esp the dreaded Prince-on-Star-Dragon) or double organ guns.

    Never having tried WoC w/o a magic phase at >1000 pts, any feedback would be much appreciated.

    Chaos Lord: MoN, Shield, Steed, Chaos Runesword, Armor of Damnation, Favour, Word of Agony [396]
    Exalted: BSB, Shield, Steed, BotG [281]

    //these will stay in the warrior units, only charging out if there's a good opportunity to tarpit a unit w/ stubborn Ld9 and set up charges next turn. Favour is for the shrine - any of the combat buffs on him will help; as will Ld10 or MR3.

    Chaos Sorcerer: 2x Scrolls [135]

    //will hide behind terrain somewhere, or in a unit of warriors, since I don't own a chariot for him to ride in.

    Warriors x 12: MoN, FC, Shield, Halberd, Banner of Rage [299]
    Warriors x 12: MoT, FC, Shield, Halberd, Blasted Standard [299]

    //hit hard, semi-shooting-resistant, Stubborn Ld9 w/ my characters inside. Don't think I'll have too much trouble controlling a frenzied M4 unit that wants to be in combat ASAP anyway. FC because I'm taking a shrine.

    Marauders x 10: MoK, GW [80]
    Marauders x 11: MoK, GW [85]

    //for the flanks of my warriors and anything they engage. debating between GW and Flails, actually.

    Horsemen x 5: MoK, Flails [105]
    Hounds x 5: [--]
    Hounds x 5: [--]
    Spawn: [--]
    Spawn: [--]

    //for keeping annoying things away from my wide infantry line.

    Warshrine: MoT [150]

    //primary tarpit. part of the reason I made this list was because I wanted to see a stubborn Ld9 shrine hold stuff up indefinitely. It once had Tyrion (4 S7, 2 S4 attacks) flung at it on turn 3 and managed to keep him locked in combat for the rest of the game (I checked the math, it wasn't even that unreasonable, since Tyrion had barely over 50% chance of killing it after 8 rounds of combat). Oh, and the blessings and making unit champions usable are a plus.

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    As you're a chaos army, combat resolution and shooting is going to be a problem. Blasted standard, hounds, spawns etc should keep these off you or lessen it at the very least.
    Combat resolution. A little trickier to work through...for some anyway. If I were you I'd just make a larger unit of chaos warriors, 24 WS5 S4 T4 I5 A2 monsters coming to get you is kind of painful. At 2000 points, you only need 2 core so it isn't an issue or anything. With the lord included, that takes you to 25, so 5 deep, 5 wide and you're likely to keep your rank bonus at +3 too. Out of the banners...I'd get rid of the banner of rage, already you're the sweetest core infantry in the game, why lessen it with unpredictability?
    Warshrine: for the latest in warfare appliances...
    Horsemen, ride on flanks, annoy artillery, or just ride alongside army protecting flanks...though that's what the marauders are for really.
    Spawn, while unpredictable, they have a tendency to eat people you don't like so they're satisfactory.

    As far as taking down something like a dragon...well I'd be inclined to give your lord a dragon too. For hilarity, sheer awesomeness and the ability to win the game with a single unit. Costs you an arm and a leg, but I'd still look into it...

    Cheers, and happy gaming!
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    24 warriors, are you kidding me, in 2000 points thats HUGE thats like what 460 points? almost a quarter of your army in ONE unit that can easily be baited, trapped and killed with magic. Yes a lord on a Dragon may look cool, and has a massive fear factor. But when your opponent gets the beast cowers off on him, you're gonna know about it cause he's just stopped your 700 point unit for the turn and that can be game winning. and in 2000 you need 3 core....... and Banner of Rage on Nurgle Chaos Knights is absolutely lethal, cause they're near impossible to hit with average units. consider putting the Chaos Lord in one of the units of Knights and just hitting the flank of an enemy unit and crushing them utterly
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