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    1500 Pts, No general theme yet :S

    Right, I've been playing WoC for a while, although only seriously since the new book came out a couple of years ago. I've not really checked my lists out on the net before either, so forgive me if Im not making alot of sense.


    (G) Sorcere - Level 2, Mark of Slaanesh, Fury of the Blood God - 145

    Sorcerer - Level 2, Mark of Slaanesh, Blood of Tzeentch, Conjoined Homunculus - 190

    Exalted Hero - Mark of Slaanesh, Axe of Khorne, Shield - 165


    12x Warriors - Great Weapons, Mark of Khorne - 234

    12x Warriors - Great Weapons, Mark of Khorne - 234

    15x Marauders - FC, Light Armour, Additional Hand Weapons, Mark of Slaanesh - 120

    5x Warhounds - 30

    5x Warhounds - 30

    5x Warhounds - 30

    5x Marauder Horsemen - Flails


    6x Knights - 240

    Right, adds up to 1493 Points and I'm planning on expanding to 2000 at some point.

    General strategies amount to getting the Warriors stuck in and using the speedy units like the Horsemen and the Knights to help myself control the charge phase. As a WoC army, if I lose control of the charges I'll lose, so ensuring I need to correctly screen my frenzied units, hence a few units of Warhounds. If one dies when I don't want it to then the third pulls up late. Normally I start the warhounds behind, move them around and stick them infront if I don't want to charge in the wrong place. Horsemen break ranks and block marches.

    Any thoughts, on this army or what I can do to expand would be welcome thanks in advance.

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