Well this is just a list for the hell of it really since I'm going to wait on the 8th Ed. to start this army up but I'm just posting this to see if I've got the feel/handle of WoC down. I have one variation here, whether or not I take a lord caster or not, but the rest of the list is the same regardless

Lords and Heroes

Exalted Hero-230
MoK, Jugger, shield
Axe of Khorne, Favour of the gods

MoT, Disc, Book of Secrets
Golden Eye of Tzeentch, Bloodcurdling Roar


Sorcerer Lord-440
MoT, Disc, Bloodcurdling Roar, Conjoined Homunculus, Level 4
Golden Eye, BoS, Armor of Dargan

MoN, Level 2
Power Familiar, Dispel Scroll

MoT, Level 2, Chaos Steed
Infernal Puppet, Talisman of Protection


11 Warriors-218
MoN, shields, champ

5 Marauder Horsemen-120
La, flails, axes, MoK

5 Marauder Horsemen-120
La, flails, axes, MoK

5 Warhounds
5 Warhounds


5 Chaos Knights-285
MoN, standard, Banner of Rage

5 Chaos Knights-300
MoT, standard, champ, Blasted Standard


Dragon Ogre Shaggoth-285
great wep

Pretty straight forward I think. If I take the lord I have 26 points to work with so if anyone has a suggestion there as well. Anyway, all comments are welcome, shoot away.