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    1,500 friendly, what do you guys think?

    Been playing today and after decided to redo my army list, 1,500pts.

    New list.

    -Exalted hero, Shield, Biting blade - 120

    -Exalted hero, Shield, Juggernaut, MoK, Sword of Might, Favor of the Gods - 205

    -Chaos Sorcerer, Dispell Scroll, MoT - 130


    -24 Chaos Warriors, Shields, MoN, FC, Rapturous Standard - 464 (a lot i know but i think they'll be effective) - Chaos Sorcerer in this unit.

    -15 Marauders, Light armour, Shields, FC - 110 (exalted hero in here to try and get enough kills to win comabt)

    -5 Marauder Horsemen, Flails, Light Armour, Musician and Standard - 98


    - 5 Chaos Khights, Musician and Standard, Rapturous Standard - 250 (Exalted on juggernaut in here)

    - Chaos Chariot, MoS - 120

    What do you think? any advice/tips on items or units, and any help on how to deploy them would be much appreciated thank you.

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    As this list is now, it has one hard hitting unit of Chaos Warriors... Although this unit is large and probably wont be wounded very easily, it is likely to be flanked, especially if it is used to charge down the middle of the board (as I so often do with my beefed up units). Even with the Chaos Knights, Marauders, Marauder Horseman, and the Chariot, it is likely that the majority of these units will not be able to guard the flank of the Chaos Warriors, and will charge or be used to take a charge, rather than guard the flank. In my lists, I prefer to have a few (2 or more) 'power house' units. In this way it is easier to divide the enemy force around two main combats. By dividing the enemy force you reduce the chance of your units being outnumbered and/or flanked. This division also provides smaller more individual combats that you can flank easily, and thus win combat.

    Now a word about your heroes; I would avoid using a single Sorcerer in a list because by its self, its spells will be easily dispelled. It would be more effective in my opinion to have one Exalted Hero with powerful magic items and center him in one of your main combat units (or flank if you prefer). He would probable kill more points worth of the enemy than all of the original 3 heroes. Use the points gained by taking away the heroes to get more chaos knights and more units that have flanking potential.

    Well, that's my speech.
    Good luck, and may the Dark Gods watch over your army.

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