Hi All,

After not having played for many years, I've rejoined the ranks and have a couple of upcoming friendlies. Most likely to happen is vs Dark elves though and was looking for comments on my list.

175 pts Lvl 2 Sorc of Nurgle - General, Infernal Puppet, goes with warriors

238 pts 11 Warriors - Shields, MoN, Rapturous Standard

275 pts Exalted Hero - Shield, Axe of Khorne, Favour, in MoS Chariot

230 pts Lvl 2 Sorc of Tzeentch - Bloodcurdling Roar, Golden Eye, Book of Secrets(Death), Disc

310 pts 5 Knights - MoN, Banner of Rage

105 pts 5 Marauder Horse - Flails, MoK

60 pts 2 x 5 Chaos Warhounds

105 pts - Scylla (I find him amusing and haven't used before)

TOTAL: 1498 pts

Basically I was thinking the warriors and general waddle slowly up the middle with Scylla and chariot warding and providing a distraction. Disc will go after war machines and and try magic machine gun vs units (pandemonium if enemy has magic). Horse and knights flank and go after anything vulnerable with dogs to stop bad frenzy charges and try to intercept knights.

Dark Elf opposition - I think he will be bringing a couple of RBTs (has a hydra, but don't think will use it), a bunch of crossbows and a unit of Cold One knights. Not sure about characters.

Empire opposition - Not sure, though he has a mortar and a cannon as well as gunners.

Let me know what you think