Galrauch, the Great Drake - 616
(I love dragons and other huge beasts - they're what draw me to fantasy. That meant my Lord choice was obvious. Not only is he a potent Scorceror, he rocks in CC too, although his profile had me thinking very Slaanesh )
Scorceror, 2 Dispel Scrolls - 135
(Basic Magic Defense, see below)
19 Marauders, Full Command, Hooks and Chains - 116
10 Marauders - 40
10 Marauders - 40
10 Chaos Knights with Lances - 450
Angkor, the Father of Mammoths - 600
(The Largest Marauder unit and the Scorceror will ride on this. It will function as a shock unit alongside the Dragon)
Total: 1997
Comment would be much apprieciated. I'm Kinda Relying on the Mammoth, because if it dies, I'm kinda screwed. You can find the rules for the Chaos Mammoth Here: http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Download.../w/mammoth.pdf
C&C would be great thanks!