So today I challenged a mate of mine who works at GW. 1500 points in fantasy were the stipulations. I'm fairly certain he will be running Wood Elves.
After having a look at his collection, some of the things I am pretty sure he will be packing are:
-Great Eagle

Its a very combat heavy list and obviously doesn't quite conform to regular WE Tactics. However, in a recent tourney, he placed 3rd or 4th with the list which shows the prowess of the list.

This is what I came up with. Though I haven't quite decided as to whether the Exalted or the Sorcerer on disk is the best option.... thoughts?

Chaos Sorcerer
Level 2 wizard
Disc of Tzeentch
Mark of Tzeentch
Golden Eye of Tzeentch
Power Familiar 210


Exalted Hero
Glaive of Putrification
Mark of Slaanesh
Daemonic Mount
Favour of the Gods
Enchanted Shield 210

Chaos Sorcerer
Mark of Nurgle
Dispel Scroll 130

12 Warriors of Chaos
Additional Hand Weapons
Full Command
War Banner
Mark of Khorne 277

12 Warriors of Chaos
Standard bearer
Mark of Slaanesh 220

20 Marauders
Mark of Slaanesh
Light Armour
Standard Bearer
Musician 142

5 Warhounds 30

5 Warhounds 30

5 Chaos Knights
Standard Bearer 230

5 Chaos Knights
Musician 230

TOTAL: 1499

Cheers guys