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    2500 pt No Mark 8th edition list...

    I was playing around with some lists of mine on army builder today, and I noticed that I was spending an in-ordinate amount of pts on Marks and magic items. So I stripped out all of the marks and magic items, and came up with 480 pts. And so I came up with this list... please tell me if you think this is viable....

    Lord, Talisman of Preservation, Biting Blade
    Hero, BSB, Enchanted Shield
    Lvl 2 Mage, Charmed Shield

    3 units of 23 warriors, standard, musician (HW+shld, EHW, Halberd)
    1 unit of 25 marauders, standard, musician, flail
    1 unit of 5 knights, standard, musican
    1 unit of 10 marauder horsemen, standard, musician, shield, spear
    1 unit of 4 trolls (run in a 2x2 formation, small footage, same # of attacks)
    2 unit of 5 warhounds....

    cav units to the flanks, warhounds provide cover to the front.... trolls act as a detachment for the general's unit (with 12 attacks and +2 CR (charging and flank))

    I figure that the lack of Marks will be negated by the fact that I'm putting so many more bodies on the field..... I'll be running the warriors in 6x4 blocks....

    Any feedback would be much appreciated....


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    He looks good but rather than the Sword of Biting i'd grab a Halberd. You're not really loosing anything but gaining +1 str. I know you don't want MArks but the MoT and the Tali of Preservation is hardcore.

    BSB: taking a magic shield means he sacrifices his Parry save. You could go for the Dragonhelm. It does the same thing but you get a 2+Ward Vs Fire. That and a Mundane shield is the same pts as an Enchanted shield.

    Marauders: Go with Greatweapons. Flails are alright but after the first round of combat their next to useless. I'd also consider taking this unit bigger. 6 by 5 maybe.

    Horsemen: The only reason in taking ranks on horsemen is to ignore ranks when they flank charge. The poblem with only taking 10 is that if they loose 1 model they can't do this. Consider making the unit 12 strong or splitting the unit in ttwo to go warmachine hunting.

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    I agree with Borak about the Marauder Horsemen. A dozen horsemen work well, and if you are going against a shooting army, the Vanguard rule puts you close to their archers/war machines so you can knock them down by turn 2.
    5000 pts of WoC, 5000 pts of Orcs and now 3000 pts of Ogres...What was I thinking ????

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