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    1200 pt 1st fantasy game ever --> not to mention w/ 8th edition, comments encouraged

    Chaos Sorcerer on Chaos Steed, Level 2, enchanted shield, MoT
    Chaos Sorcerer, 3rd eye of tzeentch

    12 chaos warriors, shields, musician, banner, MoT
    20 Mauraders, shields, Light Armor, musician, banner, MoT
    5 Chaos Warhounds
    5 Chaos Warhounds

    10 Chosen, Halberds, musician, banner
    5 Chaos Knights, musician, banner,

    The main idea is that the level 2 is fairly robust with a "0+" armor save from the enchanted shield and barded chaos steed plus a 5+ ward from shield parry/MoT so I'd stick him in with the knights to blow crap up and kill other heros. the other sorcerer would be in with the marauders and steal spells from other casters / my own, or hurl fireballs as needed. Otherwise I use Dogs to soak up missiles and flank my marauders with the chosen and warriors in a combine manuever hopefully mowing down any thing in the way... what do you think? Should I take a choppy hero on Jugger instead of the level 2? or maybe take out chosen and add a Hellcannon... I have lots of models I just though 1200pts for a 1st game would take about 2-3 hours and 2000 would be more like 4-5.... I am a little worried that there aren't enough rank and file troops perhaps I should run a single Hero and add another rank of warriors of chaos...

    Apollyon, the Destroyer

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    The Level 2 is fine, although you don't get the Parry ward save if you're mounted or if you have a magical shield/weapon. A 2+ Save is enough really, consider spending those points on something else like a Spell Familiar or the Earthing Rod (Miscasts in a Knight unit is bad)

    The second sorcerer isn't really needed. I'd simply use the points to bulk out the warriors or Marauders or get an Exalted hero. I'd probably go with mroe Warriors/Marauders.

    Warriors are fine but they're just not killy enough. Consider making the unit bigger or more killy. The Banner of Rage is pretty nasty although you'd loose your parry save (so you might as well choose halberds or something). Makiing a front of 7 is pretty nasty (21attacks) then consider a Warbanner of the Banner of Eteranl Flame (very Tzeentchy). Fire causes fear in monsters, cavalry and chariots so it's not bad for a cheapo banner.

    Marauders are fine Consider upping the unit to 25 though. 4 Ranks is nothing to talk about nowadays.

    Chosen don't really add anything that a Warrior unit would. The WS6 is fun and so is the Gods roll but in small points games i'd grab another unit of Warriors and be done with it.
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