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    2500 8th ed, double lord varient.

    I am quite under points here. The double hell cannons for rare are mainly there because they can march 12 inches now, meaning they have huge versatility now. Come up against something you want to double shoot at? Shoot away! Come up against something you want to get them into combat with? march the hell up that field!

    Double lord I think is the best option to us right now. This set up I have here means both combat characters have a 3+ ward, and the mages are cheap but can deal the damage. They are also protected inside the marauder unit, probable with the lord in there to defend them. The warriors hit hard, and hit fast. The marauders will be 5 wide with just a bunch of back ranks. The marauder horsemen are almost purley warmachine hunters/distractions from my main blocks. I have 46 points to play with.

    About the magic: The idea here is to actually get the lvl 2 gateway or treason. With the whole any double on the spell roll being your choice of spell, the chance of getting either one of those spells is very high. And if I dont roll enough dice in the winds of magic, I can always just throw it all into The purple sun or sniper spells.

    Please tell me what you think!


    Chaos lord 303
    halberd, helm of many eyes, armour of destiny, mark of tzeentch

    Sorcerer lord 320
    Level 4, The black tongue (lore of death)


    Exalted hero 195
    Battle standard bearer, rune of preservation, favor of the gods, mark of tzeentch

    Sorcerer of chaos 190
    Level 2, Infernal puppet, spell familiar, mark of tzeentch

    5 marauder horsemen 75

    5 marauder horsemen 75

    18 warriors of chaos 348
    Halberds, full command, mark of khorne

    18 warriors of chaos 348
    Full command, mark of khorne

    30 marauders of chaos 190
    Mark of tzeentch, full command, shields


    Hell cannon 205

    Hell cannon 205

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    Looks like a fun list to play. I hope that you are not playing against Empire or a Dwarf. Very shooty armies can tear things up before we get to their firing lines...
    5000 pts of WoC, 5000 pts of Orcs and now 3000 pts of Ogres...What was I thinking ????

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