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    2250 Tzeentchian army

    Hi, this is my first attempt at a 8th edition WoC army. Please, forgive my spelling mistakes, due to my army book being in Spanish.

    Also, I think it needs some fine tuning, so I haven't fixed the mundane equipment for the champion and also I havent "shaved" the total to 2250.

    Flavour-wise it is a Tzeentchian list, which pretty much requires a lv4 casty lord with some acolyte (either a lv2 caster or a book-of-secrets champion). The MoT pretty much requires the army to be foot-slogged, so I built everything around two main blocks of warriors (I have bad experiences with a single death-star unit).

    Lords 535 pts (24%)
    Daemon Prince, MoTzeentch, lv4, Tentacles 535

    Heroes 230 (10%)
    Exalted Champion MoT, Demonic Mount, Book of Secrets, Power familiar 230

    Core Units 676 (30%)
    Warriors of Chaos 18 Full Command, Shields, MoT 338
    Warriors of Chaos 18 Full Command, Shields, MoT 338

    Special Units 740 (33%)
    Chariot of Chaos (you know the cost...)
    Chaos Ogres x4 w/2h weapon, Chaos Armor 200
    Chaos Knights x8 Full Command, MoT, Cursed Banner (5+ ward save against shooting) 420

    Rare Units (you know the cost...) (2%)
    Chaos Spawn x1 (you know the cost...)

    TOTAL 2236

    The general idea is to pair both 18 WoC (5x3+last row of 3 minis) units with the ogres (in a 2x2 formation) between them for countercharging purposes. Last I would deploy the knights (including the Champion in a 5x2 formation) and the chariot in the flank which needed more of a hammer. Lastly, the Daemonic Prince would shoot from behind and join the fray when it was more needed.

    I am using the Book of Secrets+Power Familiar combo since I consider the Champion solid enough on his own, specially with the Demonic Mount. Another option would be some kind of 4+ ward save (3+ thanks to the Lord of Change) or Runic Shield of Chaos for those pesky runic weapons.

    I have also 6 Harpies, 10 hounds (30 if I used some proxy wolves from my VC army), and 20 barbarians which I could use for screening purposes, but with the new TLoS rules I think that the screening is much less efficient than it used to be.

    My usual opponent uses a missile heavy army of dwarves, so I need to use solid units which could take the fire before making into melee with his always-present horde of 30+ trollslayers. Frankly, I doubt that screening would help me much, or Harpies (my simulated combats against her ranged units or cannon crews have been dissapointing).

    What do you think about the army or what should I remove in order to shave those last 15-20 points? Will my Ld8 hurt me in the end?

    Edit: Removing some bare-bones costs. Sorry!

    Last edited by Prometheo; July 17th, 2010 at 15:43.

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