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    New 2500 point list...Knight Train

    This list has two magic users and the BSB, instead of 1 wizard and two exalteds. I'm still trying to work with the models I own.

    Sorcerer Lord
    lvl 4, general, lore of shadows, arabyan carpet, talisman of preservation, charmed shield, bloodcurdling roar (flies, 3+ armor, 3+ ward, 2d6 str 1 hits with no armor save, ignore first hit on a 2+)

    Nurgle Sorcerer
    lvl 1, collar of khorne, dragonhelm, conjoined homunculus, chaos steed (1+ armor save, MR 2, 6+ ward, add d3 to a casting roll at the cost of Stupidity the following turn)

    Exalted Hero of Tzeentch
    BSB, disc, shield, talisman of endurance, biting blade, bronze armor of zhrakk (2+ armor, 4+ ward, Immune to Psych and killing blow and poison.

    Chaos Warhounds x 12
    Marauder Horsemen, 2 units of 5, Flails, musician, light armor, axes
    Warriors of Khorne x 21, full command, rapturous standard, halberds, shields

    Chaos Knights of Nurgle x 11, full command, banner of rage (never lose frenzy)
    Chaos Chariots x 2


    I've been reading reports of people wreaking havoc with the lore of shadow, so I'm repurposing my Tzeentch sorcerer lord for the moment. He's now riding an Arabyan carpet-disc.

    The Nurgler will attempt Buboes each turn, unless there's no good target and no dice to spare. His magic resistance will really buff the knights against damage. I gave up the stubborn helmet for this, so I'm not sure what I'll think.

    The BSB will try to dart around and stay alive, but he'll need to get into combat sooner or later. Str 6 is better, but the biting blade still helps you slip wounds past enemy armor...plus, it's cheap.

    The warriors will need either to get into combat or to shield themselves from shooting and magic. As long as I can keep a few alive at the game's end, it'll be okay.

    Warhounds are big enough to draw attention and screen the warriors if needed, but are worth just 60 points.

    Obviously, the knights are the money shot, but they have MR2 and there are 2 chariots and a big block of khorne warriors looking at them, not to mention some capable magic.

    So what do people think?

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    why not put a halberd on the BSB instead of the biting blade? have him use the shield while zooming around and the halberd when in close combat? Halberd is 4 points.

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    Ward on your sorcerer lord should be 4+. Parry save doesn't stack with amulet and magic shields don't count for parry anyway.

    For the exalted hero, being monstrous cavalry he only needs worry about heroic killing blow (Skulltaker, any others), so bronze armour is perhaps a little wasted. I would also go with the halberd too.

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