I've been playing Warhammer since the late eighties but managed to sit out a whole edition by shear idleness, but I'm getting back into the swing after reading and being very impressed with the new rule book.

I'm starting a new Chaos army [Malal themed using no marks] just using the battalion box and a few bitz to knock this up.

Criticism welcome as too is advice on where to go with my next 500-1000pts


Exalted Hero - Favour of the Gods, Add hand weapon, - 119 [Using old Kaleb Daark mini]


5 Marauder horsemen - shields, flails, javelins, full command - 115 [flank harry and flank charge.... like pistoliers]

5 Chaos warhounds - 30 [flank and screen.... like detachments]

5 Chaos warhounds - 30

20 Marauders - flails, full command - 120 [cheep, good fighters..... like swordsmen]

11 Chaos warriors [hero's body guard] - shields, full command - 206 [solid fighting core... like greatswords]


5 Chaos Knights - full command - 250 [......nuf' said]


Chaos Warshrine [like an empire warshrine.... on crack >]

Total - 1000pts.... can you tell I'm an Empire veteran? XD

for 2000 I'm wanting to bulk the Mara's to 40 [taking full advantage of the horde rule]
Infact, bulking out all the units, another warshrine and who needs chosen?
Being tempted with a Daemonprince Lord choice [cant believe how many lords some low point armies can include now... 25% is pretty much 1 lord choice for us XD] especially with the new tasty plastic kit on the way.

I'm usually adept at taking chaos appart but never collected them before, but the new mini's have corrupted me so any tips for building on this would be well appreciated, thanks