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    Starting of a 3K Chaos Undivided list

    I have been staring at 3 boxes of warriors and a few boxes of chosen and been unable to put them together because I am not sure how I want to mark them. I paint to my marks (I know... it will be terribly expensive in the long run) and I like to build perfectly sized movement trays for each unit based on how big I want to run them. I just couldn't figure out the exact right size for my next unit, so I am working on a 3K chaos undivided list using each God's special number to assist me. Here is what I have come up with so far...

    Warriors of Tzeentch
    18 - (6x3) Shields, MoT, FC

    Warriors of Khorne
    24 - (8x3) Shields, MoK, Halberds, FC

    Warriors of Slaanesh
    18 - (6x3) Extra hand weapon, MoS, FC

    Chosen of Nurgle
    21 - (7x3) Great Weapons, MoN, Wailing Shroud, FC, Favor of the Gods

    That comes out to almost 1700 points. To me, that also looks like a serious wall of HURT! Tack in a hitty Lord, shadow Sorc Lord, BSB and a halberd exa hero with BoS (shadow) and a bunch of doggies then fill up to 3K with random banners/hellcannons/warshrine. I know the Slaanesh warriors with ehw will not be very popular, but to me they are a dedicated tricksy unit. Most people will drop them on the priority list to the hard-hitters. Then they'll have a cow when I drop Okkam's on them, charge their biggest baddy without having to take a terror test and nail them with 25 str8 hits to the face.

    The Tzeentch warriors are already painted, I just have to base them and make their movement tray. I have enough warriors, bits and chosen sitting in boxes to fill out the Khorne and Nurgle units. All I would need to buy is the block of Slaanesh.

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    I like it. It's like a bigger version of my 2k List How about having the Undicided Lord in a unit of Undicided Chosen? Just to make the point that he's in charge? It'd be pretty fluffy.

    Consider taking some magic Banners as well. Tzeentch can have the Banner of Eternal Flame, Slaanesh can have the Rapturous Std (very dirty near a BSB.) and so on.

    A Sorcerer Lord sounds nice and Shadow is definately the way to do. Then a BSB with the usual gubbinz. Then fill it out with units of your choice. How about a Spawn of Each god?

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