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    1500 Pick up game List

    Ive been running this army in my last few games been quite effective

    (Note will change point values when i get home since doing this at break at work)


    Exalted MOT, Talisman of Endurance, :Flail 4+/3+ ar ward at St7 on charge

    Sourcer Lvl 1, MOT


    12 Warriors extra hand weapon MoK musican standard

    12 Warriors add hand weapon MOK Musican Standard

    12 Warriors MOK Ad HW Musican Standard

    25 Maurders MOT LA Sheilds Full command (Wizard goes here)

    Warshrine MOT


    1500 points in total i belive

    general strategy is to advance the warhsrine and giant in front of my army for these to attract fire for two turns then get my warriors into combat. The maurder pick on any lightly armed troops and generally protect my wizard.

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    In all honesty it looks good. A few things though.

    Wizard: Rather than the Mark of Tzeentch I would grab the spell familiar or the 3rd eye of tzeentch. Only knowing 1 spell means you'll be throwing alot of dice to get that 1 spell off and that just means you'll explode. having 2 spells gives you options and the spell fmailiar is pretty darn cheap. The 3rd Eye lets you steal enemy spells, which is great in big games as you can steal a level 4's spells and be quite horrendous.

    Other than that, I assume you mean Talisman of Preservation for your 3+ Ward

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