Playing against a friend and his Empire army... My Dark Elves felt the wrath of the mortar and the hellfire rocket battery (or w/e it was called) so I thought to make it Tzeentch to have SOME chance to eat up the nasty shots from it (wiped out 19 out of my 20 Blackguard in 1 shot :/)

Exalted Hero - MoT, Halberd, Talisman of Preservation (goes in with the warriors)

Chaos Warriors x14 - MoT, Blasted Standard, Shield + HW, Musician and Standard Bearer

Chaos Knights x 6 - MoT, Musician, Standard Bearer

Chaos Marauders x 25 - MoK, GW, Music and Standard Bearer

Marauder Horsemen x 5 - Throwing Spear

Horsemen are there to attempt to take out the artillery around turn 2...