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    1000pt Slaanesh - Cultist Themed.

    Right this is to get away from the norm of my Chaos armies who are usualy rampaging angry northmen. This is based on 2 Slaaneshii heroes who have escaped the destruction of their horde, legged it and found a lonesome Empire Village. Slowly, overtime, they've seduced and corrupted the local prieshood who have inturn corrupted the local populace.

    So, with that theme in mind........No Warriors. None what so ever apart from the two original Heroes. This leads me to a problem.. I just don;t know what to take to fill this army out to get it to 1000pts. This is what I have planned so far,

    Olgrimm Soul Licker -189pts
    Exalted, Sl, Helm of many eyes, Dragon helm, Opal Shard, Flail, Stream of Corruption.

    Shrendaal the corrupter -250pts
    Level 3 Sorcerer, Slaanesh, Seeds of Rebirth
    Not sure whether to go with Slaanesh Magic as it seems a bit bum. Might bite the bullet and take old reliable - Shadow

    The Brotherhood - 140pts
    22 Marauders (Cultists) Sl, Flails, Full Command.
    Both characters join this unit making it 24 strong (6x4). These are the 'brotherhood' of the corrupted sigmarite temple.

    The Faithful -180pts
    2x18 Marauders with Flails
    These are just random Villagers. There to cause damage and then die. I might do 3 units of 12 instead.

    Well, This leaves me with 251pts to spend. On what? A Warshrine and a few Spawn? Bulk out the 2 'Faithful units to 30 or more?

    EDIT: Yes, I know I got the prefix wrong. Blame the scroll ball.

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