Hi, this is my 2.200 pts list. Please tell me what you think of it?
Then my second question is: I need to extend this list to 2.400 pts. But what do I do with the extra 200 points?

-1 Sorcerer Lord + lvl 4 wizard + book of ashur + conjoined homunculus = 360 Pts.

He uses the lore of death. I started to like it. nice for sniping things. the book of ashur to make it cast/dispel with +5. (This guy joins the marauders).

-1 Exalted Hero + talisman of preservation + battle standard bearer + halberd + mark of tzeentch = 194 Pts.
-1 Exalted Hero + halberd + mark of tzeentch + disc of tzeentch + golden eye of tzeentch + book of secrets = 194 Pts.

My bsb with the 3+ ward save, He is great for boosting the army and to kill things in a challenge. He can stand up, and come on top against enemy lords. (he joins the warrior unit)
The disc is for hunting war machines etc. The BOS to boost the magic a little.

-17 Chaos Warriors + shield + halberd + full command + banner of rage = 354 Pts.
-24 Marauders + light armour + shield + mark of tzeentch + full command = 184 Pts.
-5 Marauder Horsemen + flails = 75 Pts.
-6 Warhounds.
-5 Warhounds.

The marauder horsemen are a nice meat shield. Even though I don't think they are good in this edition. They are a nice variation in my army. And are able the hunt for war machines.

-6 Chaos Knights + musician + mark of korne = 280 Pts.
-18 Chosen + shield + halberd + full command + mark of korne + favour of the gods + wailing banner = 495 Pts.

I LOVE chosen with this set up. I will re-roll ALL the results except for: a roll of 4/ 5/ 11/ 12. This mean that the chance of then having a 4+ ward save with stubborn is 50%.

And...... like it?
With this list. what would you do with the 200 extra points?
An extra disc rider? upgrade the marauders into warriors of tzeentch? an additional knight unit?
Please help me with this one... I'm stuck.