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    3k Undivided List

    So a friend of mine who plays DE challenged me to a 3k game after I stomped him in our second game. (Khorne Warriors are awesome.)

    So I opted to do a list around Archeon. I couldn't mind much tactica on using him so I figured I would give it a shot none-the less. I know that he is going to be rather magic heavy with a lvl 4 sorc on pegasus. as well as a large unit of Black guard I think they are called.

    So here is the list. I have a week to tailor it a bit and I'd really like to give him a run for his money, so I am not apposed to getting "Gamey" with him.

    • Lord - 685
      • Archeon
        (Will Ride with the Knights)
    • Hero -
      • Throgg
        (Goes with the Trolls)
      • Exalted Hero: BSB: MoT: Shield: Fury of the Blood God
        (This guy is going with the MoT unit with the banner for leadership)
      • Sorcerer: Infernal Puppet: Third Eye of Tzeentch
        (Goes with the MoT Warrior Unit without the magic banner)
    • Core
      • Warriors x15: MoT: Shields
      • Warriors x15: MoT: Shields: Standard of Disc
      • Trolls x5
    • Special
      • Knights: MoT
      • Chosen: x12: EHW: MoK: Favor of the Gods
        (Running them 6 Wide, and going to try and stack blessings on this unit from double shrines if situation arises.)
    • Rare
      • Warshrine x2
      • Hellcannon
    Any help is good help and I would love for this list to change and evolve as the week goes on. Thank in advance.

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    I would suggest giving your chosen Halberds instead of extra weapons. Str 5 attacks just seem to wound more often than str 4 in my experience. People who use MathHammer may disagree, but I've run both variations and favor the Halberds.

    How many Knights are in the unit ???
    5000 pts of WoC, 5000 pts of Orcs and now 3000 pts of Ogres...What was I thinking ????

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