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    2000 point WoC list. (new to fantasy)

    Critique my WoC list please guys...

    Lord 419pts
    Sorceror Lord
    -Chaos Steed
    -Power Familiar
    -Golden Eye of Tzeentch
    -Conjoined Homunculus
    -Rod of Torment

    Heroes 180pts
    Exhalted Hero
    -Mark of Khorne
    -Crown of Everlasting Conquest

    Core 695pts
    12 Chaos Warriors - 280
    -Mark of Khorne
    -Standard & Muscian
    -Blasted Standard

    40 Marauders - 250
    -Mark of Khorne
    -Full Command

    10 Warhounds - 60

    5 marauder Horsemen - 105
    -Spears & Shields
    -Full Command

    Special 705pts
    15 Chosen - 395
    -Mark of Tzeentch
    -Full Command
    -Favour of the Gods
    -Banner of Rage

    5 Chaos Knights - 310
    -Mark of Tzeentch
    -Full Command
    -Blasted Standard

    As i am new to fantasy, i will take any and all critique, after all you guys arw the experts

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    A few things stand out for me. The full command on the horsemen is a bit of a waste, you're paying a lot of points for not much gain. Dunno how spears work out on them, never tried it. You also need to pick a lore for the sorcerer (personally I like shadows) and not sure why you mounted him? Is he going with the knights? Remember, you don't get a look out sir! roll if you're not of the same unit type anymore. Not sure about the rod of torment, but in general, bound spells seem a bit "meh" in 8th, seeing as you have to use power dice to cast it and you don't get to add your level to the roll. Be sure to give your chosen shields as well, even if you can't parry in cc, a 3+ save against shooting is lovely. You could also dismount your sorcerer, give him an ironcurse icon for 5 pts and stick him in the chosen for a cheap 5+ wardsave against warmachines. I'm not sure about the khorne marauders, mine haven't done much yet, apart from dying, so as the Captain suggested in my thread, you might be better off with warriors of khorne with halberds, even if it means it's a smaller unit. Oh and you've got blasted standard on 2 units, you're only allowed one of the same item I'd consider keeping it on the knights though, a 1+ as and 4+ ward against shooting is nice, as they WILL attract a lot of attention Hope that helps a bit, am sure that some of the others will have other ideas/opinions. Welcome to the WoC!

    Edit: Forgot, make your exalted a bsb as well, the rerolls on failed ld-tests are simply to good to not bring to the table
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    welcome comrade!! ^^

    hmm, looks decent. just a few things though.
    maybe split the hounds in 2 units? in my experience the unit 10 big becomes a bit cubersome on the battlefield. plus, you get to annoy 2 units instead of just 1.

    also, the full commands... might be me, but i dont use champions in units unless it has a character in it. those points can be better spent. maybe drop the standert (and the champ) on the horsemen as metioned above.

    if i were you, i'd change the whole horsemen unit.
    5 horsemen
    flails, light armour and a musicien
    they cost 86 points.
    able to kill lone wizzards, warmachines and ther fast cavalery/skirmishers and all for a fair price.

    as for the wizzard, indeed you need to choose a lore. and personally, i like heavens.
    nice mix of augments, and damage and some other stuff (i loooooooove ice blizzard ^^)
    shadows is pretty good too, but it's just not my style. plus, with all those powerfull units... do you really need to reduce their movement, ws, strenght?? really? i mean, sure it can be usefull, gamewinning even if the conditions are perfect. but it requires a certain subtlety. anyway, all i'm sayinh is that in my opinion heavens might suit this army better. big meteors falling on your ennemies FTW.

    also, i tried it yesterday. 40 marauders, shields, light armour, and MoT.
    in combat, they have a 5+ armour save (unlikely but still) and... a 5+ ward save. which is pretty nice. kicked some serious lothern seaguard ass..

    hope this helped you and good luck on your path to glory.

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