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    Used last night, 2250 Vs Khorne Daemons with a victory to WoC

    I'm looking for suggestions on how to improve this very hastily assembled army that I used last night in the Watchtower scenario (which i won for the first time ever).

    I'm not happy with the build as it was thrown together fairly quickly as I didnt have a list with me to use.

    Lord. MoK. Shield. Crimson Armour. Talis of Preservation. Other Tricksters Shard
    Exalted. MoT. BSB. Barded Steed. Talis of Endurance. Bronze Armour. Favour
    Exalted. MoT. Shield. Book of Secrets (Shadow). Talis of Protection. Dragon Helm
    18 Warriors. MoK. Halberds. Full Command. Std of Discipline
    18 Warriors. MoK. Halberds. Std. Mus. +1 Move Banner
    35 Marauders. MoT. Shields. Full Command
    5 Warhounds
    5 Warhounds
    5 Knights. MoT. Std. Mus
    3 Trolls
    Warshrine. MoT

    One thing I am thinking of trying is dropping the trolls and warhounds, and having a unit of 10 khorne marauder horse with flails to use as a flank guard.

    Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    My WoC Painting Blog updated 3rd Oct 2010

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    I like the Lord, and the BSB looks good too [but give him a halberd]
    The Exalted with Book looks a bit weak, why not just get a level 2 Sorcerer [Lore of Fire] with spell familiar?

    I know Lore of Fire is a weak looking magic, but I think it's pretty good vs daemons who don't have armour saves and are mostly T3.
    Signature Spell Fireball: dirt cheap and OK damage, godly on anything that doesn't have a LoS.
    Fire Cloak: Absolutely awesome on a stubborn unit like Marauders.
    Flaming Sword: If he has regen, you will want this, also makes Marauders deadly too.
    Burning Head: Not very useful against daemons, alas.
    Piercing Bolts: Again not so great against daemons.
    Fulminating Flame Cage: Very strong spell which will allow you to lock down an entire unit for a charge the folllowing turn.
    Flame Storm: This one is awesome, among the best in the game. It's like Purple Sun, but cheaper and won't misfire - drop this baby into the the middle of his horde with the giant template; a bigger scatter will just means more deaths for him since it hurts all models HIT by the template, not just those UNDER the template like Pit of Doom.

    EDIT: I might be wrong on the flame storm, since the Erata specifies Purple Sun's damage mechanic but makes no mention of Lore of Fire.

    The khorne warriors with halberds look very solid.
    So do the marauders, especially if they are stacked in ranks of 5.

    I'd redo the knights/trolls/hounds and put them into 2 blocks of 5 knights each with MoK. They could work nicely with the marauder anvil or just hunt Flamers.
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    Sona si Latine loqueris.

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