So, after much deliberation and about 15 different lists in various stages of composition, I've finally decided on my core 1000pt army list, and here it is for your comments and critique...

Sorceror - Level 2 (Death), Spell Familiar, Charmed Shield, Sword of Anti-heroes
so 3 spells from the death lore for boosting power dice, 2++ vs the first hit and then a 3+ armour save there after, sword is there to boost his combat stats, against a unit with 1 character in the sorc now has 3A at S5, two characters 4A at S6, against a unit with no characters, well he's safe anyway

17 Chaos Warriors - MoN, Shields, Halberds, FC
Sorc's unit, will butcher WS3 T3 troops so hitting on 3's and wounding on 2's, to be hit back and wounded on 5's, champ there to accept nasty challenges on behalf of sorc, champ also gets eotg rule from warshrine

4 Dragon Ogres - Champion, Great Weapons
Champ benefits from eotg due to warshrine and allows for wound allocation tricks, will be ranked 2x2 for small frontage and still max attacks, S7 so will destroy armoured things such as knights

Warshrine - MoT
3++ tarpit unit, buffing DrOgres first turn (in case they move out of range) and maybe switching to warriors depending on situation