We play No named characters*
Mostly play against Dwarves Empire and Beastmen.

The Bringer of Night
Chaos Lord, Chaos Daemonsword, Helm of many Eyes, shield. 320

Necar the Siegebreaker
Exalted Hero, MoK, 4+ ward item in rulebook, extra weapon, Juggernaut. 224

14 woc shield/halberd musician standard MoN
Blasted Standard. 311

15 woc s/h m/s MoN. 303

10 marauder horsemen spears shield armor s/m MoS

20 marauders great weapons MoS

10 Chosen full command Favor of the Gods s/h MoK

2x Hellcannon

Total is 2151 and my friends are ok with +/-4 points. Mostly play against heavy shooting and little to no magic. Any tips or tweaks would be appreciative.