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    3000 point balanced list

    I used the following list against high elves earlier and thrashed them ( they even had teclis!). Anyway I shall be playing the same list against skaven on Thursday and wonderedif I could get any more pointers.

    chaos lord on steed of slaanesh with mark of slaanesh, shield helm of many eyes bloodbath sword ( the +3 attack one) and talisman of protection.

    bsb with banner of the gods and shield.

    30 warriors full command razor banner, shields and mark of khorne
    44 marauders full cmd flails and khorne

    5 knights with banner of speed

    2x hellcannon
    2x warshrine with tzeentch mark

    standard setup is all foot characters in the warriors with the bsb on the corner. This unit is placed left of centre with warshrine behind. Then a hellcannon then the marauders with warshrine behind. The other hellcannon flanks this formation on whichevere flank I feel. The knights go far on one flank with the lord on slaaneshi steed on the other.

    The issues I have are vilitch not being as good as I'd like ie the stealing power and dispel dice rarely happens so I'm just paying for All of tzeentch. Perhaps he would be better replaced with a level 4 with shadow or death?
    I was also considering dropping the razor standard for the blasted standard but that just gives me a one point better ward than my regen so I don't know if it's really worth it!

    Anyway all help appreciated!


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    Lord: Seems a bit vulnerable, I'd go Talisman_of_Preservation/dragonhelm/halberd/helm_of_many_eyes.
    Vilitch is good, but for the same price you could make a much more scary level 4 Shadow Sorcerer [Humonculus/charmed_shield/Puppet].

    Heroes: BSB should take MoT.

    Core: I'd give warriors halberds/shields/banner of rage and MoN since I guess Festus will be with them.

    Special: Knights could use a mark, I'd pick Khorne.

    Rare: 2 warshrines, 2 hellcannons seems like overkill.
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