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    2k list I used this week

    Played against Helves couple of days back with this list, destroyed them to a man with minimal losses against a poor opponent, but what do people think of the list?

    Exalted (Book of Secrets, Charmed shield, Spell Familiar, steed, MoT) Lore of fire
    Lev 4 (Puppet, Enchanted shield) Lore of fire
    BSB (Collar Khorne, Halberd, MoT)

    21 Warriors (Full Comm, Blasted Standard, MoT) BSB + lev 4 go here
    10 horsemen (musician)

    6 Knights (Full Comm, Banner Rage, MoT)


    He focused all his shooting (and there was A LOT of it) on my warriors who just soaked it up whilst my cavalry and shaggy smashed his flanks to pieces, then his attention shifted to my shaggoth instead of finishing the job on the warriors, meaning they then wiped out several units

    All I lost were about 5 warriors, the whole squad of horsemen and my shaggy to a dangerous terrain roll (hilarious to us both that the most points he won back was due to a massive half dragon tripping over some rubble)..

    Anyway good fun but up against shooty dwarves after crimbo, do I stand a chance, any small tweaks I could make?

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    Lore of fire, eh? I prefer Lore of Tzeentch or Nurgle, but to each their own.

    I guess you kitted out your Exalted Hero to be a quasi-sorcerer so he could hold his own in combat against CC-equipped heroes. If such is not the case, then why not run another Sorcerer? Usually I'd run a Sorc Lord or Sorc plus a CC-equipped Lord/Exalted; best of both worlds.

    I'd try to run 2 Warrior units, maybe 12 in each? I tend to run 2 Warrior units of 18 each. Can't say much about Horsemen or Shaggoth since I have yet to run any (got the models not too long ago). I know Knights can tear apart stuff but against Dwarfs, a few bad armor save rolls against their wall of bullets could mean a heavy point sink gone.

    Chosen are good in any list - practically Warriors with a free EotG roll (and halberds, usually!). Warhsrine is awesome. Maybe try a Hellcannon and give the BSB Doom Totem? -3 Ld, even against Dwarfs, can cause some mass panic...

    Otherwise, BSB is great, Warshrine is great, Knights are always good but a bit risky.

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