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    WoC 2500 Pt List

    Hey all
    Heres a list i made up im aiming for friendly play but competitive if that makes any sense :L
    Please comment and criticise

    Tz'arkan , Drinker of Worlds
    Daemon Prince , Mark of Tzeentch , Soporific Musk , Fury of the Blood God , Stream of corruption -375 Pts

    Arek Daemonclaw
    Exalted hero , Mark of khorne , Axe of Khorne , Shield , Favour of the gods chaos steed -196 pts

    Rel'khir , Changer of ways
    Chaos sorcerer , Lv 2 , Mark of tzeentch , Spell familar -155pts

    Luthar Bubonicus - Flylord of Nurgle
    Chaos Sorcerer , Lv2 , Mark of Nurgle , Spell familar -155pts

    The Diseased Crazies
    15 Chaos Warriors , Mark of nurgle , Shields , full command , Banner of rage -335 pts

    The Bloodletting Savages
    20 chaos marauders , flails , mark of khorne , full command - 150 pts

    Hounds Of Change
    5 Chaos Warhounds

    The Blood God's Executioners
    5 chaos marauder horsemen , Flails , Musician , Mark of Khorne , Shields - 110pts

    The Bloodcrusher
    Chaos Chariot , Mark of Khorne

    The Dumb ... But highly Favoured
    6 chaos trolls - 270 pts

    Horsemen of the apocalypse
    5 chaos knights , Lances , Full command , Mark of Khorne - 305 pts

    He who slumbers deeply
    Chaos Giant - Mark of slaanesh 265 pts

    Total 2492 Pts


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    I would get halberds on the Nurgle/rage unit. If you are lucky you can cast regeneration on them, for protection. Otherwise, the protection they have is making things dead before they can hit you (vs WS3 units they should be safe (they hit on 5+ and often wound on 5's as well)).

    Shields<Light armor on the Horsemen (Shields and Flails do not combine in combat).
    I still think MoK is to expensive for 5 extra attacks.

    If you can find some points, make the hero BSB. (I suggest dropping all champions).

    Only one Spell Familiar per army, sorry.
    My WoC assembly/paint log! check it out. UPDATED 03-11-'11!
    Check out my guide on how to make Treekin.
    Please feel free to correct my spelling.

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