2500 pts, small tournament, not a lot of restrictions:

Lvl 4, Sorceror Lord Lore of Tz; MoT, Black Tongue, Frog Scroll, Homuncolus, Fury of the Blood God
Exalted Champion, BSB, MoT, Shield, Ironcurse Pendant, Collar of Khorne
Exalted Champion on Disc, MoT, 2weapons, Tals. of Preservation, Bloodcurdling Roar
Lvl 1, Chaos Sorceror, Lore of Shadow, Feedback Scroll

37 Marauders w GW, MoK, Full command
16 Chaos Warriors w. shield MoT, Banner
5 Marauder Horsemen, Flails
5 Chaos Hounds
5 Chaos Hounds
3 Dragon Ogres w. GW
18 Chosen w. Halbards, Full command and Favour of the Gods

Tactics: Plan is to try to kill of the opponents lvl 4 spellcaster ASAP. Hence Black Tongue, Frog Scroll & Feedback scroll. The hounds are there to let me setup the Marauder Horsemen Cruiser Missile to maybe hit his Lvl 4 early. BSB Goes with Chosen to give them MR, the two wizards go with Chaos Warriors (so the lvl 1 can take a challenge if needed), and to give them MR. Marauders and Chosen advance on either side of the chaos warriors, and the Dragons and Warshrine go on the flanks. The Exalted on Disc is supposed to hunt warmachines or small units, with a 3+ armor and ward save and 5 s5 attacks, he should be able to do a bit of damage, and hold for at least a couple of rounds.

Oh, Infernal Doll is banned, btw.

I could use some advice on specific item/comboes, as Im completely new to WoC. Have played Empire for a long time, and am a big fan of GWs, but thought itd be interesting to take advantage of the higher I of the chaos warriors.

I do, however, feel that the army is very small compared to my usual number of regiments. I know a lot has gone into the characters, but I believe that the key to crumbling the oppositions army in 8th, is dominating the magic phase, and denying the opposition any chance to cast spells.

Any advice is much appreciated, as I still havent tested a single game with WoC. Thanks in advance - Wrath.