Lord- 368
Khorne, juggernaut, armour of dargan, tally of pres, halberd (goes with warrior unit)

festus- xxx (goes with warrior unit)

BSB- 179
tzeentch, tally of endurance, halberd (goes with chosen)

sorcerer- 175
lvl 2, infernal puppet, nurgle (goes with warriors)

20 warriors of chaos- 405
tzeentch, fc, halberds, banner of rage

30 marauders- 200
khorne, great weapons, fc

18 chosen- 467
tzeentch, halberds, fc, wailing banner, favour

warshrine- xxx

warshrine- xxx

The object of the army is to use nurgle magic to snipe characters and BSBs. With the juggernaught in the warriors unit I can push back both festus and my other sorcerer, allowing them to stay out of combat while still giving them poison attacks and 5+ regen. If there are any changes you can make I would gladly accept any ideas.