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    -Wadey's Eternal Legion-2500-

    Ok so the aim of this army was to have solid units which would really dig into combat, problem with this is i'm not the biggest fan of maruders or war hounds =/ So kinda though, yeah all chaos warrior's army!

    -Wadey, Prince of Eternity-
    Chaos Lord 210 375
    Tzeentch 10
    Demonic mount 50
    Talisman of Preservation 45
    Rune Sword 50
    Potion of foolhardiness 5
    Shield 5

    -Ther’on, ward of the gods-
    Exalted Hero 110 195
    Mark of Tzeentch 10
    Battle Standard Bearer 25
    Shield 5
    Collar of Khorne 25
    Fury of the blood god 20

    -Lucien, the fate of men-
    Chaos Sorceror 85 120
    Infernal Puppet 35

    31 Chaos Warriors 465 486
    Mark of Tzeentch 20
    Shields 31
    Full Command 30
    Blasted Standard 40

    17 Chaos Warriors 255 322
    Mark of Tzeentch 20
    Shields 17
    Full Command 30

    10 Chaos Knights 400 485
    Tzeentch 20
    Full command 50
    Lichebone Pennant 15

    -The scourge of Carpathia-
    Hellcannon 205 205

    -The sorrow of Moldavia-
    Hellcannon 205 205

    So as you can see i have a really solid block of warriors which are buffed up to survive all most magic and missile fire which comes there way, then when it comes to combat..... well there chaos warriors, need i say more? This is all helped with my BSB. Aim of these guys will be take centre and get stuck in!

    I have my beastly unit of chaos knights who's aim is to..... well get into combat asap, with my lord of tzeentch in there they should do fine! yeah few casualties before i get to combat but thats ok i got enough models!

    Chaos warriors with sorcerer will be my flanking unit, ok so tzeentch without allot of magic might be mad but when i have 2 hellcannons giving me my ranged attacks + very potent anti magic capabilities if they go wrong, that + infernal puppet meaning if i do manage to misfire and get a "thzzzzz" result magic will go wrong for all..... i hope!

    Just to add in as well 3000 points will see me adding 8 chaos ogres in chaos armour with great weapons (with mutant ogre and standard) to give me a really hard hitting unit!

    So let me know what you think guys and tell me what else i can do (ok i know theres very little troops but im not to worried about that)



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    Looks like a good points denial type list, if thats what floats your boat. Personalyl I'd split the Big chunky warrior unit down into 2 small ones. I have a horrible fear of nasty spells like Gate Way and dwellers below that love big expensive units like that.

    Magic is obviously a weak point in this list and relying on missfiring with your Hellcannons probably isn't the best way to protect yourself from magic, you never know, you might not missfire all game!! or have both your hellcannons implode on turn 1. Either way, An enemy army with a Level 4 will cause you no end of grief.

    How about grabbing the 3rd eye of Tzeentch on that sorcerer? You might as well. To get the points drop some Unit champions, they're hideously over priced for +1 attack so invest those points elsewhere.

    EDIT: You forgot to delete Collar of Khorne on your BSB

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    Also IMO the daemonic mount is a waste of your points, the shield on the chaos lord costs 10 points btw
    To Sleep Tzeentch shall come for us all in the end.
    Perchance to Dream To change the living, to the dead.

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