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    2000 points Magic Lite.

    After having had no luck with magic, I decided to forgo the benefits of a Level 4 and stick to hitty units with the only magic support coming from a Level 1 with Third Eye of Tzeentch. Other than that, I wanted a list with all marks represented, and lots of warriors as they've been the nuts in all 8th edition games I've played.

    Heroes 16%

    170 Sorcerer (General)
    Level 1, Dispel Scroll, Third Eye of Tzeentch, Talisman of Protection, Mark of Tzeentch

    150 Exalted Hero
    BSB, Charmed Shield, Mark of Tzeentch

    Core 62%

    418 17 Warriors ( BSB )
    Shields, Full Command, Mark of Tzeentch

    332 18 Warriors
    Shields, Full Command, Mark of Nurgle

    252 12 Warriors
    Additional Hand Weapon, Full Command, Mark of Khorne

    252 12 Warriors
    Additional Hand Weapon, Full Command, Mark of Khorne

    66 14 Marauders (Sorcerer)

    Special 16%

    310 6 Chaos Ogres
    Great Weapons, Musician, Mark of Khorne

    Rare 7%

    130 Warshrine

    Total 2000

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    sorry for the late reply, your list seems to have been missed!

    I'm with you on 'no luck with magic' mate. I can't roll above a 4 for my Powerdice at the moment where as my opponent always rolls 10 or so. The Power Dice Gods hate me.

    Sorcerer: I'd probably ditch the Talisman of Protection. It's alot of points for +1 Ward. You could grab the Collar of Khorne for the same effect but MR2 for an extra 10 points, or just not bother.

    Exalted: I'd probably give this guy a bit more love (protection). A charmed shield is pretty wasted, you're loosing your Parry save by taking it. you could go for Tzeentch, Talisman of Endurance and a haberd. 4 str 6 attacks and a 4+ Ward isn't anywhere enar bad for the points you're spending.

    Warriors: These all look fine to me. Just ditch the Unit Champions. They're very expensive for the points you pay. Grabbing a unit with halberds would be cool (Nurgle guys with scythes is a cool conversion) and would give you some punch against some ehavy infantry and big monsters.

    Marauders. give these guys Slaanesh (so they don't panic if they get targeted) and I'd grab flails too. Just to ward off any light cav or similar unit that likes to take the chance.

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    If you're going to take slannesh, I'd say replace it with Khorne unless you're really low on points. Not only do you get another rank of attacks, but you also get immune to psychology which is better than MoS. Fortunately for me, I rarely if ever have your problem. I get more 9-11s myself . Id suggest giving the warriors with BSB the banner of rage if they have halberds. Extra attack on BSB too!

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