After nigh on 12 years gathering dust my Warriors of Chaos are being unleashed once more against my "old/former" gaming group.

After familiarising myself with the Rules of 8th and having 2 "dry runs" against High Elves and Vampire Counts we've organised a relatively big game this weekend.
(6000 of Chaos and Vampires against High Elves 4000 and Dwarfs 2000)

This is the "bread and butter" of the List I intend to run, i've not selected any Magic Items yet, would like to see if anyone has any fun combos to try.
Please, just fire any suggestions you have out there.

While the list is maybe a little shy on Troops i'm only bringing what i have to painted to the Table. (As are the rest of the Group). It's not meant to be an overly "Ard" list either although the Units are more or less Maxed.......

So, without further ado;

Chaos Sorceror Lord, (Level 3 or 4) on Manticore;
(550 Approx with Magic Items, no mark/lore selected yet either)

Exalted Hero BSB - With Chosen or Tzeench Warriors.
(200 Approx with Magic Items)

Exalted Hero - Hitty with Khorne Warriors
(200 Approx with Magic Items)

Sorceror or Exalted Hero - With Chosen or Tzeench Warriors
(Thinking Scroll Caddy or Puppet here)

24 Tzeench Warriors - 469 - Anvil
Shields, MoT, Full Command, War Banner

15 Khorne Warriors - 360 - Hammer
Shield, AHW, Full Command, Razor Standard

40 Khorne Marauders - 250.
Great Weapons, Full Command

10 Warhounds (2 x 5) - 60.

6 Knights of Nurgle - 345
Champion & Standard Bearer, Banner of Rage

13 Chosen of Tzeench - 365
Shield, Halberd, Full Command, Blasted Standard, Favour of the Gods,

Warshrine of Tzeench - 150.

There we have it, there is several points that could be trimmed, but it looks like a fun list to play.

Thanks for taking the time to read it and any suggestions/ideas are greatly appreciated.