And epic underdog story of Oscar winning proportions!
I prevented our local "top guy" from winning the Ladder game (5 wins in a row).
But now
I'm about to win the league and he has challenged me!

And I need your help!

We agreed on a 2200 game with the same ruleset.
He plays with Daemons, and is almost guaranteed to bring the following:

-Horde of Bloodletters with Herald
-Daemonettes with Herald
-Several units of Flesh Hounds
-Flying Tzeentch Herald with Loremaster.
-Fiend and some Furies.

He has been talking about using a unit Horrors with two Heralds in there. One with Life and the other with Beast. He has a mountain Chimera model....

This is where you come in.
I want to tweak my list, while staying true to it, to be able to take on his army.
I was thinking of getting a Shrine and add some hounds, or maybe try out some Forsaken.

He'll be rocking no armor saves on allot of models, so Knights are a big risk.
I could loose some hounds to make room for a Shaggoth?
I don't want to get Chosen, because there is a 400 points cap on units.

My plan was to either charge my Lord into his Bloodthirster or Bloodletter horde (challenging and hopefully killing the Herald), and wait for support.
Do I get impact hits from a charging Chariot if it's charging a single model that is currently in a challenge?

My current list:

Chaos Lord of Tzeencth
Talisman of Preservation, Dragon helm, Crown of Command.
Halberd, Disc.

Chaos Sorcerer of Tzeentch
Dispel Scroll, Third Eye of Tzeentch, Golden Eye.
Disc, lvl2

Exalted Hero of Tzeentch (with the Halberdiers)
Battle Standard, Armor of Destiny (the 5+/4++ one)

17 Chaos Warriors
Halberd, Shield, Standard, Musician
Banner of Rage

20 Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch
Shield, Standard, Musician
Rapturous Standard

2x Chaos Chariot

2x5 Chaos Warhounds

========== +- 2000