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    2500 Warriors In Search of Advice

    Sorcerer Lord (385)
    -lvl 4: Heavens
    -Talisman of Preservation
    -Conjoined Homunculus

    Exhalted Hero (190 )
    -Book of Secrets
    -Dispel Scroll

    18 Chaos Warriors (354)
    -Mark of Khorne

    20 Chaos Warriors (358 )
    -Mark of Tzeentch

    40 Marauders (238 )
    -Mark of Khorne
    -Great Weapons

    5 Warhounds (xx )

    5 Warhounds (xx )

    5 Warhounds (xx )

    5 Warhounds (xx )

    5 Warhounds (xx )

    6 Trolls (xxx )

    6 Knights (310 )
    -Mark of Nurgle
    -Banner of Eternal Flame

    Hellcannon (xxx)

    Still have 40 points to mess around with
    A couple of things:
    -I know chieftains on marauders are dumb, but the sorc lord usually goes there so the chieftain would eat a challenge, I'm still debating on whether or not I will keep him
    -Also I'm not a huge fan of knights, but I can't really think of anything else that would fill their roll of killing big nasties with regen and/or stomp attacks

    Comments and Criticism will be greatly appreciated

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    Awesome Lore choice! Heavens is awesome.
    But I would get Infernal Puppet on the Lord tho, I never take the Book without having the Puppet in my army.
    Give him the Charmed Shield.

    That is allot of hounds! Maybe drop two units and take a small Slaaneshi marauder flail unit.
    I would get some more banners in there, scenario wise.

    Third Eye on the BoS guy is awesome! also Tzeentch him.

    Rapturous Standard on the Tzeentch guys is awesome!

    Drop models from units that will be joined by characters (to save some points), I would keep the Chieftain to eat the challenges.

    You need to remove the point costs for the Hellcannon and Hounds (forum rules).

    I like Trolls allot, but they can be tricky to use. Know what you are doing when fielding Trolls.

    I would drop the Nurgle from the Knights to save points. Maybe even give them Slaanesh to make sure they do exactly what you want them to.
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    I fully agree on the Heaven's Lore, it's not the strongest, but it sure is fun - COMET makes me smile every time.

    But consider taking Fire for your Lord if you are worried about regen thunderstmpers - that Lore scares them silly, and it buffs warriors a treat too.
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