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    3000 points escalation league play. Open the gates they are off.

    Hi all new to warhammer fantasy.. and a local group has started an escalation league.
    New player and have played a few games, but I don't seem to follow the traditional mind set and so that has me worried.

    [40]Chaos maurauders -MoS full command, light armor, shields, hand weapons and Wulfrick -- 475

    [20] Chaos hounds 4 squads of 5 -- 120

    [10] Marauder horseman 2 squads of 5 MoS, Musicians, flails. --182

    [18] WoC MoK, Shields, halbard, musician, Standard bearer, banner of eternal flame and Valkia -- 774

    [18] WoC MoT, Shields, HW, musician, Standard bearer, and Sorceror lord Lvl 4 -- 641

    [10] Forsaken 2 squads of 5 -- 180

    [2] Hell Cannons -- 410

    Lords and Heroes
    Sorceror Lord Lvl 4 Lore of heavens with Talisman of preservation.

    This leaves me with 218 and I am stuck for suggestions. My strategy is to infiltrate the Wulfrick and the marauders to the back. While I spam the riders, Forsaken and Warhounds to the front specifically engaging shooters. Everyone advances.. and the Hell Cannons both fire on the first turn but after that staggar thier advances on alternating turns.

    What I do know Valkia is expensive for what she does. I love the fluff. What can I say.
    The plan with Wulfrick is a new addition. I have not actually put this into use.
    2 hell cannons are over kill but I am former artillery..
    My main problem is I do not know how to use spell caster. I haven't used that to this point in any game and just been sans spell caster. we are at 1500 points now going to 2000 in the upcoming week

    In the league are dwarves, high elves, skavenx2, ogre kingdoms, empire

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    lose a few bodies here and there and you can fit in a dragon orge shaggoth.

    it'd be good for that orge kingdoms army, too

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    I would grab the Infernal Puppet for your Sorcerer Lord. It's a lovely Item to help enemy spell casters on their way to oblivion and can prevent yours from going pop as well. I would also swap his Lore from Heavens to Shadow. Heavens is good but situational while I find all of the Shadow spells to be useful. You can also do the cheeky Lore attribue to swap yourself with Valkia if someone decides to charge your Sorcerers unit.

    As for the remaining points. Well that's up to you. You've got a good solid core of troops and some good solid and useful flankers. Just pick something you like the look of. Maybe a Warshrine and the banner of Wrath for the Tzeentch unit?

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