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    2000 point WoC (first attempt)

    Hey guys! Im a long time 40k player...never once played a game of fantasy but i am looking to join the ranks.

    This is the first ever list i have written for fantasy so tear it apart and help me out


    Sorceror Lord – 350
    -Lvl 4 Wizard
    -Conjoined Homunculus
    -Golden eye of Tzeentch


    Exhalted Hero – 219
    -Talisman of Preservation
    -Acid Ichor
    -Favour of the Gods


    17 Warriors of Chaos – 362
    -Full Command
    -Blasted Standard

    17 Warriors of Chaos – 346
    -Full Command
    -Banner of Swiftness

    20 Warriors of Chaos – 405
    -Full Command
    -Festering Shroud


    5 Knights of Chaos – 315
    -Full Command
    -Banner of Rage

    Total Points: 1997

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    Quite a scary looking list. Not sure what my own 2k list would do against that list actually............

    I would consider dropping a few Warriors from the Nurgle unit and all the unit Champions (apart from the one the BSB is going in). This should free up enough units to grab some chaos hounds or Marauder horsemen.

    these guys will give you something fast and inexpensive to go off and kill war machines etc. Warriors are too slow and expensive to charge off after the odd Goblin Bolt thrower or Empire cannon. Dogs are perfect for it and you can get loads for small amount of points. Horsemen are faster but more expensive.

    Other than that.........

    1) Ditch the Acid Ichor on the BBS.

    2) Give the Khorne unit Halberds over 2 hand weapons

    3) Festering shroud is pretty rubbish. It has it's uses but it's not an amazing banner. The Banner of flame is awesome. So si the Rapturous standard if it's next to a BSB.

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