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    -3000-Wadey’s Eternal Legion- Mrk.2

    Right re-post of an army list im working on, i have started my collection of models and am now just looking what to do to finish off this list, so far it stands at 2827 points and im aiming for 3000, don't really want to take out to much and yes i understand theres not allot of models but in 2500 point games the sheer point negating abilities of this army works wonders ..... plus having to hell cannons taking out rather sizeable chunks of enemy units better then i could have hoped helps to So here we go

    - Wadey, Prince of Eternity-
    Chaos Lord 339
    Tzeentch, Chaos Steed, Talisman of Preservation, Rune Sword, Shield

    -Ther’on, ward of the gods-
    Exalted Hero 170
    Mark of Tzeentch, Battle Standard Bearer, Shield, Fury of the blood god

    -Lucien, the fate of shadows-
    Chaos Sorceror 155
    Level 2, Infernal Puppet

    31 Chaos Warriors 486
    Mark of Tzeentch, Shields, Full Command, Blasted Standard

    17 Chaos Warriors 322
    Mark of Tzeentch, Shields, Full Command

    10 Chaos Knights 485
    Tzeentch, Full command, Lichebone Pennant

    8 Ogres 460
    Tzeentch, Chaos Amour, Great Weapons, Mutant ogre, Standard

    -The scourge of Carpathia-
    Hellcannon 205

    -The sorrow of Moldavia-
    Hellcannon 205

    TOTAL 2827

    So it works as just a big wall of armour saves, the ogres can always take there hits before they get into combat, plus there 6" move helps them along allot faster, while my big unit of warriors with my bsb can take all the hits they want with missile fire being crippled and magic being diminished so long as the bsb lives. Chaos knights and my lord ..... well self explanatory hit hard and will happily stay in combat fighting a good fight. Hell cannons <3 couldn't have asked for them to have worked better in the 6 games i have played ok so i have had a few misfires, and yes it has slowed there use down a little bit but OMG when playing high elves and on decided to role a Thzzzzz result then mixing this with infernal puppet xD took out a nice hefty sum of high elf warriors in an explosion, a lord being sucked into the realm of chaos and then another causing magical feedback hurting him self and finishing off another wizard ...... mine just lost his power levels xD Now this is the problem, the unit of 17 chaos warriors seems to be a nice target for every one as its small but i normally try to run it as a flanker so that i can catch all those pesky knights off guard. Well see what you think and then say what you want. THANKS


    Just to let you know there 173 points to play with

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