Hi everyone, please let me know what you think. I'm playing a fair sized battle vs. OnGs, using the new army book. Special characters are allowed and he's even said I can use one of the new ones from the forthcoming Forgeworld "Tamurkhan" book, so here goes:

LORDS (325)

Sayl the Faithless [325]

HEROES (705)

Festus the Leechlord [185]
Throgg the Troll King [175]
Exalted Hero w. Halberd, MoT, BSB, Talisman of Endurance, Dragon Helm, Charmed Shield [195]
Exalted Hero w. Halberd, MoT, Collar of Khorne [150]

RARE (335)

Chaos Warshrine [130]
Hellcannon [205]


5 x Chaos Knights: Standard, Musician, MoT, Blasted Standard [290]
13 x Chosen: Shields, Halberds, Full Command, Favour of the Gods, MoT, Wailing Banner [385]

CORE (899)

36 x Marauders: GW, MoK, Standard, Musician [222]
16 x Chaos Warriors: AHW, MoK, Standard, Musician, Banner of Eternal Flame [314]
6 x Marauder Horsemen: Light Armour, Flails, Standard, MoK [138]
5 x Trolls [225]

OTHER ( 60 )

5 x Warhounds [30]
5 x Warhounds [30]

Total cost comes in at 2999

The basic plan is to have Sayl as my general (for those who haven't seen him, he's a level 3 Shadow Sorcerer, but has better combat stats than your average sorcerer lord and leadership 9, as well as a bonus spell unique to him). He will go in the chosen along with the cheap exalted.
The BSB deploys with the Chaos Warriors, alongside Festus. I plan to make use of the additional attacks from MoK and AHW to maximise the effectiveness of the poison and flaming combo. This should help me hunt down his trolls.
Throgg fights with the trolls, naturally.

My list is quite defensive because my opponent will certainly field two doom divers which ignore armour saves. They will probably go after my Chosen, so I'm looking to hopefully nail the ward save with the pre-game EotG roll.